Top 3 uses of coconut oil, the oil that’s all good!

To moisturize and heal your hair

If you have never tried, your hair will love coconut oil! All types of hair are also concerned: fine hair, short hair, damaged or not, dry or fat, curly hair, long hair. There is a multitude of small beauty recipes to strengthen and nourish your hair. 
Coconut oil indeed has a hydrating power tenfold thanks to lauric acid, the acid that is found in the natural state, except in breast milk! So you can combine this moisturizing power with various ingredients such as other exotic oils: pique oil will protect your hair, kukui oil will gain crepe or curly hair, or jojoba oil. Which will allow strengthening weakened hair.

If you find it compelling to mix coconut oil with other elements, know that you can use it purely in conditioner. To do this, a simple hazelnut of coconut oil heated between your hands and applied on your tips and your lengths will make your hair shine without greasing!

To sublimate your skin

Do you have dry skin or lack of elasticity? These fragile skin are particularly sensitive and require regular care. Coconut oil not only nourishes your skin but also strengthens its resistance to external attacks. Used in body butter, as hand cream or in anti-wrinkle face care.

Note also that you can use coconut oil in many other cases related to dehydration: eczema plaques, scars but also stretch marks really gain to be so “fed”. This will fade, at least partially, the visibility of these tracks that you do not like.sublimate your skin

To whiten your teeth in a few weeks

Coconut oil also improves your oral hygiene. Antibacterial, the oil will act directly on the bacteria responsible for bad breath and reduce the appearance of plaque-like tartar. Of course, you have to continue to brush your teeth properly. But coconut oil is an additional adjunct to your smile!

The whitening effect of coconut oil on your teeth will be particularly visible. If you apply a little coconut oil with your toothpaste and with a little baking soda or if you regularly do an “oil pulling”, that is to say, a “pressing” of the oil in your mouth. This rather special mouthwash is indeed an intensive rinse that will affect your oral health. Attention: it is necessary to spit the oil! One to two courses of oil pulling each year will fade stains due to dental appliances (yellow glue) or yellow teeth. You can win up to 3 shades of white per cure!

And many other ideas for using coconut oil

You will understand: this natural oil is very effective and particularly economical to reduce your beauty expenses. Skin, hair, teeth. Its versatility is indeed such that it can replace a large number of chemicals that you use daily: anti-wrinkle, stretch mark cream, the hydrating mask for hair, but also bronzing gel, labeled ( coconut oil is excellent to fight chapped lips) or cream to soothe burns and sunburn … just that!

The last tip then, if you also want to try the effect coconut oil: get a 100% virgin oil and prefer organic products. The price of this oil is relatively low (less than 15 euros for a big pot that will hold a year). So it’s worth it to bet on quality?

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