The language of flowers: colors and meaning

Many events are conducive to offering or being offered flowers to the loved one. This gift, great classic of the lovers’ day, is always so romantic and appreciated! But be careful, the flowers have their language, while subtlety and an odd quickly arrives… So to avoid false notes and get your message across, I invite you to a little introductory course to the language love flowers!

The language of flowers: meaning

To touch you’re beloved, nothing better than flowers! But still, it is necessary to make a good choice … If the rose, favorite flower of Aphrodite, goddess of the love, always wins the suffrages, many other flowers can make capsize the hearts … In addition, to go towards new varieties will allow you to make your statement original and personalize it!

Before anything else, avoid buttercup, a sign of reproach, the narcissus symbol of selfishness or the yellow rose evoking infidelity! Station also flowers whose meaning is double. If cyclamen is linked to beauty, they are also jealous … A risky bet if you want to be sure to have a good evening!

The language of flowers: the colors

Passionate lovers will be able to choose among the red flowers: pink, carnation, tulip, poppy, camellia … All express passionate love. If you want to try new, color variations, there are other possibilities for you. Orchid rhyme for example with sensuality!

A tone below, the rose will suit the more measured who can express their admiration, their lasting attachment and the tenderness they feel for the loved one. And for the stories of love being hatched. It is towards the violet or the blueberry that it will be necessary to turn.

The palette of colors often reflects the range of feelings! Some color combinations even have special meanings: if you choose to marry white and red in a bouquet, you want to live under the same roof as your other half!

language of flowers

The rules for offering roses

After this language course, it’s time to upgrade to math! Because did you know that for roses, if the color is primordial, we must also be attentive to the number? Below 10 roses, the rule is to always offer an odd number. Above, we traditionally offer 12 roses to thank, 24 to be gallant and 36 to declare his love! But no need to splurge to please … It’s a safe bet that a rose, even alone, will have the greatest effect!

The plus, whether gardener or not, is to make his own bouquet. Whether you use the flowers in your garden or those of your florist, compose a custom creation. In the manner of Cupid and his arrows, you will certainly touch your lover, in the heart! Also, remember to go through our tips to keep your vase flowers for greater durability.

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