The benefits of Thyme

With throat pain, body aches, difficult digestion, thyme is here to help you fight small inconveniences of everyday life. You knew him as an emblem of Provencal cuisine and he sat on your shelf in the kitchen, now he will also be in your drawer! Discover the benefits of thyme and its applications for our welfare.

The origin of thyme

Thyme is a genus of the family Lamiaceae. This creeping or “pincushion” plant with small pale pink or white flowers is rich in essential oils. Which is why it is one of the aromatic plants.

Since the dawn of time, thyme is appreciated for its medicinal properties. Formerly used against hiccups or snake bites, it has been discovered over the centuries, a long list of properties.

The essential oil of Thyme is concentrated in Phenol, especially Thymol. These substances are powerful antiseptics or even antibiotics and have antiviral properties.


How to use thyme and what are its benefits?

In external use

1. In friction: thyme relieves rheumatic pains and has real antispasmodic power. Massages on the affected areas soothe muscle contractures and unwind tensions. The essential oil is also effective against mosquito bites.
2. In gargle: against sore throat, canker sores, gingivitis, and bad breath.
3. Inhalation: against colds and sinusitis.
4. In beauty products: in the form of water, thyme tightens the pores of the skin and its oil strengthens the body.

In internal use

Thyme soothes respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, colds, flu, and asthma. Its infusion also revitalizes the scalp. It promotes digestion, helps absorb food containing too much iron and fight against intestinal problems.


Allergy to thyme and allergic risk with the essential oil. Always seek the advice of your pharmacist.

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