How to solve the most common problems in a relationship

Balance, compromise, and attention to detail can all look like simple and effective tips to keep a couple going. But how simple is it to put it into practice when you really have enough of one? Here are the main problems that most couples face in the long run and how to overcome them.

Whether it’s accepting the change or being at the forefront, here’s how to solve the problems that can make all the difference in your relationship.


Have you probably heard the theory that couples start to look alike as they are together? This is because, after so much time, your manners begin to mirror those of the other. But while all of this is good and good. It’s the emotional co-dependency that can become unhealthy and generate deeper problems within your couple.

Although it’s easy to say, when you’ve been together for most of your adult life, it’s almost impossible not to rely on each other for your emotional well-being. A healthy relationship exists when you do not expect your partner to make you happy. Happiness must come first and foremost from within. And, if you really care about your partner, you should not expect him to change to show you his love.

Do what it takes to be independent, whether it’s a new hobby or spending more time with friends instead of thinking the words ”  I miss it “. Your relationship will thank you.

The significant difference in income

Money is a hot topic in dating relationships and the main cause of the collapse of marriages. This can be stressful for both when one person makes a lot more money than the other or when one is financially dependent on the other. Discuss while things are going well, rather than letting these problems escalate. It is important to calmly discuss financial issues and not when emotions have ignited.

Before problems arise, discuss your expectations: what happens if one of you has a professional failure? Which career will be relegated to the background if you decide to have children? What are your hopes for your future?

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Forget to take time together

We all know how busy life can become, juggling children, careers, finances, and your relationship. Although it may seem like you are physically in the same space as each other, how long do you take for yourself and your half?

It only becomes more important to reserve time for each other when more and more things can get in the way. Try to find 40mn at the end of the day Accept to set aside all the other distractions and focus completely on each other during this short period of time even if you only make a hot chocolate and say how it is spent your day.

Feel suffocated

We have all been in a relationship that begins to feel more like an obligation than a love interest. That’s exactly what happens over the years, as credits and kids come in. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s important to take turns and not spend every second together.

It is important to allow time for both parties to focus on their own interests. At the beginning of a relationship, couples often want to spend as much time together as possible, but over time it can be stuffy. It is important to allow time for both parties to focus on their own interests and hobbies.

Where is the sex?

heard the rumorsBecause we have all heard the rumors that with marriage the sexual intercourse disappears. Sexual satisfaction peaks six months after the start of a relationship and declines in less than a year. All relationships go through periods when there is a lot less sex than usual. Having a lean period is perfectly normal and there is no need to worry unless the situation becomes chronic.

When it comes to reconnecting on the physical plane the most important thing is to start with communication. When there are good communication and attraction, sex will inevitably follow.

The lack of communication

Communication can be tricky between two people who go out together and who should think only about each other, not to mention all the obstacles that emerge to make communication more difficult. True love is not only an emotion but also a choice and then an action.

But in long-term relationships, it becomes the most crucial element of success. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, we will need to continue to be honest and genuine in communicating our needs to our partner while accepting that his or her decision may not meet our needs because he or she might not be ready for change.

If something is bothering your partner, take a break and ask yourself if it’s better to talk about it or simply let it go and see how things are progressing. Each situation is different but potentially delicate. So, when it comes to experiencing difficulties with partners, find the best option for both of you but listen to your head as well as your heart.

Do not be heard

The most common thing that people are usually most upset about, anxious, angry or shut up is when they do not feel heard. Most couples will come to understand that they do not need to agree and what they have to do is tell the other: “I’m listening. I really understand what you say, I can understand where it comes from.

But people find it very difficult. They can not, that’s all. They interrupt rather than trying to understand why their partner feels so.

The conclusion? No matter how much love you had for each other at the beginning, people are complicated and many things can get in your way. Over time, relationships may fade. Especially as your interests and priorities change as you go through the inevitable phases of life. You may not feel more passionate about the things that brought you together or the passion for each other.

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