How to make up your eyes according to their color

Whatever the color of your pupils you will be able to find the right makeup tones in accordance with yourself and your complete look. As we are all different, simple rules to learn and remember that you have blue, green, brown or black eyes! So lend to the revelation of the secret to finally know how to make up his eyes according to their color? Let’s go!

You have brown or black eyes

If you have brown eyes, the goal is to bring out your eyes! You’re lucky because you can afford to wear just about any color.
Choose intense, dark colors that will catch your eye.
In fact, you can display colors ranging from blue to gold, including dark gray, brown, ivory and green.
The important thing, the brown-eyed miss is that the colors you choose remain in shades rather dark.
We do not recommend using light colors, which will make your eyes dull, and it’s the opposite of what you want to achieve.

You have green eyes

If you have green eyes, vote goal is to showcase this beautiful color that remains unusual.
To achieve beautiful makeup of green eyes, we advise you to use colors called complementary. Finally, not complementary in the strict sense, because the complementary color of green is red.
So opt for roses, purples or lilacs for cold colors.
If you prefer warm colors, choose apricots, chestnuts or coppery colors!
We do not recommend using green or blue, which will tend to hide your eyes. Indeed, if you apply these colors you will get a kind of camouflage, so your eye will not be highlighted, and it’s the opposite of what you want!

green eyesYou have blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you have a very advantageous genetic base. The only goal here is to put it forward!
As with green eyes, you need to use a color palette in shades that complement your eye color. For blue, the complementary color is orange.
So, if you prefer cool colors, choose orange, pink or mauve.
If you opt instead for warm colors, chestnuts, apricots, caramels or bronzes will perfectly enhance your eyes!

Finally, avoid at all costs to use blue or green. Which will have the effect of a mask and will not bring out your eyes, on the contrary.

To know that if you decide to follow the trends of hair color. You will also take their shade into consideration for the choice of your makeup to achieve perfect overall harmony.

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