How to maintain and clean your jewelry (gold, silver, ivory)

maintain and clean your jewelry

So have a little heart and let them breathe for a day. Start by offering a new youth to your jewelry: gold tarnished? blackened money? green of gray on jewelry baubles? Is ivory yellowed? Damaged diamond?

So I have some tricks to reveal to you to maintain and clean his jewels that you will only have to follow them to the letter. Also, your dear and tender will be delighted to see that the beautiful ring he had offered you 10 years ago is not forgotten. He will be all the more delighted that he has certainly been in debt for life to please you. So how to maintain and clean his jewelry?

Clean jewelry with diamonds

First, the diamond. This one requires special care. Like any jewel in the long run and often worn, it gets dirty. There are of course several solutions to clean it. Obviously, it is not a question of bringing it to the jeweler and spending the equivalent of a salary while one has all the necessary ingredients at home.

The first method will be to clean it with a soapy and degreasing product (washing up liquid will do) and hot water. In case the dirt remains encrusted, you can boil it in water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid and a stopper of bleach.
A less academic method but still very effective is the toothbrush/toothpaste mixture. Stupidly, as if you were brushing your teeth put toothpaste on the toothbrush and clean the diamond. Rinse well and it will come out like new.

diamondsAssuming that your diamond is really very dirty, make a mixture half cold water half ammonia in a small bowl, soak for about thirty seconds, gently brush the stone with a soft brush, rinse and leave the room in the open air.

The diamond is one of the strongest stones that exist, the idea is to store it separately or in an individual box so that it does not damage the other jewels (or other diamonds that you could have lucky you are). And finally, in case you use ammonia, take care not to suck the vapors.

Maintain a gold jewel

gold jewelThen a lot of us wear gold. But like the other jewels, he gets dirty. There are again many methods to clean a gold jewel. Gold does not tarnish but it gets dirty or dull.
Despite the fact that there are products on the market, you can also use a simple dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. This involves mixing a little dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water, soaking the gold piece in the mixture, letting it work for 3 or 4 minutes, then brush with a soft brush, rinse and dry using a soft cloth.

Clean a silver jewel

Money in the same way as gold is very widespread. The disadvantage is that it often darkens. Do not despair, we come very quickly over this blackening.
Simply moisten a toothbrush and soak it in baking soda, rub the silver jewel with it and rinse it with clear water.
The toothpaste/toothbrush method mentioned in the two previous cases works very well on silver, the result is very visible

How to clean an ivory jewel

For a little more originality and according to the tastes of each of us, we sometimes have ivory jewelry for example. But often, when you do not wear it, it turns yellow. Indeed, the big problem of ivory is drought. So be sure to moisten your air if you do not want to see your jewelry crack.
Multiple methods exist to resurface ivory; the most basic being to soak it in a milk bath and then let it air dry.
Alternatively, you can wash the ivory with clear water and baking soda (100 grams per liter of water).
And as mothers are honored this month, why not use a grandmother’s method of regularly plastering ivory with Vaseline. So, it will not dry me too quickly.

How to maintain costume jewelry

Finally, which of us has never had a “fantasy jewel” ?! Do not be innocent, you know what I’m talking about. You know the jewel on which you literally crack so much it is “cute” but the one that will last only a few months because of the appearance of the verdigris.
Put some ketchup on the spot where the jewel is greenish gray, rub the jewel with a toothbrush, or a brush relatively soft simply, then wipe with a cloth and start again if necessary. I am almost certain that you will not see ketchup in the same way; and now, regret having thrown away your fancy jewelry that was not really intended for the trash!

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