How to keep your tan naturally all year round

That’s it, the first snow fell and cover the high peaks while not so long ago, we still basked at the edge of the water, feet fan! we have all returned from our holidays, head in the clouds, body tanned and wish to keep as long as possible our beautiful colors of summer … Some practical tips to maintain your tan naturally throughout the year and look good!

Exfoliation and hydration

The scrub removes dead cells and activates the renewal of cells. So a smoother, softer skin ready to gorge themselves with moisturizers! we use it once a week and not too hard. 
Hydration must be done with a refreshing cream, non-greasy, which will keep a beautiful tan. To use morning and evening.

A suitable diet

We eat foods rich in carrot -like beta carotene, spinach, parsley, melon or sweet potatoes.

Enjoy the sun to the end

We enjoy the sun in the late season and we do not hesitate to have lunch on the terrace if the weather allows!

Winter holidays in winter

we leave a few days in the sun in the middle of winter. If it is possible, and especially we do not forget the sunscreen adapted to his skin that will tan without burning and therefore not to peel!


They will suit all year if you do not want to unplug. It is used once a week and above all. It is applied well everywhere to not have traced. This advice comes out of the natural but it is an effective weapon which it is impossible not to speak.

Now that you have all these good tips. We do not make the gray looks and we are full of vitamin D! Even if the winter pallor certainly has its charm, keeping a healthy glow with a tan peel makes the winter less sad! After everyone does what he wants. It’s true that Asian people only dream of having even whiter skin.

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