How to choose and find the perfect women’s jeans

The jeans are as American as the apple pie. But if you’re like most women, you have a hard time choosing and finding jeans that suit you. In fact, according to one study, nearly 70% of women said they had to try four or more jeans before finding the right one. So to avoid the pitfalls of shopping jeans with our wise advice, and choosing and finding the perfect women’s jeans for you will be a part of the fun!

Focus on form, not labels

For most of us, we start by inspecting the label of a pair of jeans, and it is indicated that they are of a certain size and style, say cut in the boot or right leg. This is good information but keep in mind that the definition of a manufacturer is different from that of another. Unfortunately, there is no universal size chart that designers and designers of jeans can conform to, so each of them has created their own design. You can wear a size 10 in jeans and a 14 in another. Do not worry about it! Keep in mind that women very often have a range of three sizes when it comes to different items in their wardrobe. For fitting your jeans and if in doubt, take a minimum of two different sizes in the locker room.

Choose your jeans according to your morphology

Buy jeans is deeply personal because it must be perfectly tailored to the shape of your body and therefore your morphology. Nous could compare this choice to the test of swimsuits. But it’s not just a question of form. The body proportion is more important than the size of the dress. Thirty percent of women do not know if they are long or short. Take the time well to know your morphology and this will greatly simplify the choice of your jeans.

The jeans are more beautiful when your body filled them perfectly, with flesh on the hips and a well bounced back. You do not have to be slim to get into our jeans and get into a diet with fat burners!

Orient your choice on jeans with a dark hue

Jeans with a darker shadeJeans with a darker shade are more flattering and look prettier than jeans with a lighter shade. The versatility of colors will come in handy if you want to wear jeans when you go out at night or if you are trying to create a casual or business look.

Yes for the faded jeans

Faded denim is a trend, but remember that if you buy jeans with any type of discoloration (lines on the hips or discolored spots on the thighs, knees or buttocks), the discoloration of the fabric will always focus on those particular parts of your body. If your jeans have a discolored spot on your thighs. This bleached spot will make your thighs the center of attention and, in the end, make them look bigger. So choose the style of your jeans according to your shape and your morphology. So as not to highlight the parts that bother you.

The trend of jeans worn by our moms

They always say that what marked fashion in his time comes back and with the jeans that our moms wear, that’s the case. You know, these high-waisted jeans, washed in the light, with slender legs, and well they are back. These jeans are more trendy than ever with fashion bloggers. Women love them because they generally adapt to a wide range of shapes. They are higher in the climb and wider in the buttocks, so they are suitable for many morphologies. Add a touch of modernity to a pop top, high heels or a fancy necklace.

Conversely, avoid wearing your daughter’s jeans

We gave you the green light to wear your mother’s jeans, but your daughter’s jeans are forbidden. Teenage girls experiment with style: adolescence and the beginning of adulthood, they have to find a style that works. But every time you wear something that is intended for a teenager or preteen. It indicates that you do not know who you are and that you are trying to hang on to your youth. The opposite is true: wearing jeans for girls makes you look older. Keep in mind that you do not have to wear the trendiest jeans. Find a style of jeans that you like, modern, elegant and sophisticated.

Wear your jeans with the right accessories

For this year and to keep up with trends, try to enhance your style with a pair of tennis shoes. Keep the rest of your look sober to avoid looking too busy. Show off your shoes in jeans at the ankle.

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