Discover Novex: the must-have hair care brand in Brazil

Novex the history of a brand

The Novex brand belongs to the company Embelleze 100% Brazilian company born in 1969 that produces more than 100 million products per month and distributed in over 45 countries. It has more than 23 million users worldwide. The Hair Color brand is for Maxton hair smoothing and Novex for hair care.

Novex was originally intended for Brazilian women who are a mix of ethnics from Europe and Africa. There is a whole range of curly hair, curly and frizzy. Over time, Novex has refined its products in order to develop recipes corresponding to all of the country’s hair problems.
The Novex brand puts forward a composition that makes way for a strong presence of natural products.

The most popular Novex ranges are:

The Novex My Curls

The Novex My CurlsThis is the best-seller of the brand is for women who want to have beautiful curls well define avoiding frizz. While allowing to transmit flexibility and shine to the hair. The range consists of shampoo, after shampoo and masks. This range of Novex products is subdivided into a sub-range to provide the most suitable product based on the size of the loops (tight or wide). Novex My Curls is a range including 7 oils (argan, coconut, olive ) and various natural compounds to enrich the product with natural vitamins (like cranberry for example)

The Novex keratin

This is the most popular keratin skincare in Brazil. The goal here is to strengthen the hair fiber using keratin and restore strength and vigor to dull and tired hair. The range is composed of shampoo masks, protective care. As you have understood the particularity of this range from Novex is its richness in keratin (Brazilian keratin exclusively)

The Novex Bamboo sprout

Stimulating and strengthening hair growth is the goal of the Novex Bamboo Sprout range. A recurrent problem of women with frizzy hair (or sometimes very curly hair) is the growth of hair. In fact, the mechanical actions of disentangling associated with the use of heated iron are as many aggressions that undermine the capital strength of the hair. Also, Novex has developed this range enriched with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to restore strength and growth to declining hair. This range Novex is composed of shampoo, after shampoo and masks. Whole set to find the beauty of your hair especially if you color them with trends.

The Novex black mystic

This is one of the last born from Novex. We are here on the promise of ultimate hydration and incomparable brilliance. The products are intended for women with very damaged hair (naturally or under the effect of chemical treatment for example). Novex black mystic is often used by women with frizzy hair that have been straightened to then make their vigor originally. One of the peculiarities of this Saint-Bernard capillary is to contain Baobab oil (rich in vitamin and omega 3,6 and 9)

The argan Novex

As the name suggests this range is rich in argan oil (from Morocco) it acts as a true repairer and makes shine by repairing hair fibers. Ideal product to heal your hair.

The Novex olive oil

This is the most nutritious care from Novex the goal here is to nourish and moisturize deeply in the duration of naturally dry hair. Like the other Novex ranges. It consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, and a mask.

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