30 Montaigne the new it bag that joins the Dior family

Finally, the secret was revealed and Dior launches a new bag that we will all want!

Women love bags, yes. If we were to count how many we have, surely we would be surprised by the number, shapes, colors, sizes … But still, we continue adding new accessories to our wardrobe. We can not resist it and more if they are the newest thing in the market!

The Dior house knows this and, for that reason, today it presented to the world a new design that expands the family of converted handbags and fashion icons and objects of desire for fashionistas.

The 30 Montaigne, as it is called, is a nod to the history of the Maison and the mythical number 30 Montaigne Avenue. Where the palace chosen by Christian Dior was located to make it one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. A temple from which changed the way of understanding fashion.

At a time when the world was in the process of change. With this new creation, Maria Grazia Chiuri reflects in a single piece the identity of years of history of the French house. An It bag that is part of the new Fall 2019 collection.

We love it for:

  • Its size, neither big nor small perfect for the whole day.
  • Its square lines, which will give you a lot of play with all your looks from the most casual to the most sophisticated.
  • Its colors, from the most classic such as black or white (new obsession), to more daring trends such as pink, emerald green or coral. And of course, the monogram.
  • Their materials, ranging from wool and silk to cotton, lace and also denim.

We are sure that, as has already happened with other Dior models, 30 Montaigne will shortly become a new fashion icon. For this, the celebrities of the world are already wearing it. And the actress Jennifer Lawrence has been chosen as an ambassador in a campaign that we love.


Today is a great day for Dior, you can follow your conversation on networks through # Dior30Montaigne.


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