10 tips and advice for your makeup

Putting on makeup is a daily gesture but why waste time while a few simple and easy tricks will help you gain efficiency? Here are some tips that will help you turn a banal object into a perfect makeup weapon!

The 10 makeup tips

The makeup tips for eyelashes

Number 1

To start with makeup tips you can warm your eyelash curler under the hairdryer. Thus, you will have the opportunity to curl your lashes more easily. To do this, blow warm air over the eyelash curler. As a precaution, let the eyelash curler cool down before working on your eyelashes. Thus, you are not likely to burn yourself.

Number 2

In addition, you want to give a more colorful look to an eyeshadow tone a little pale? First, use a white pencil to fully cover your eyelid. Then apply your makeup of choice. You will see that your opaque pre-coat intensifies the color of the makeup. You will have an ultra pop eyelid!

Number 3

To have more lashes provided, the translucent powder seems to be an effective ally. Just apply it on your eyelashes during the pose of the mascara. Indeed, this product helps the mascara to hang on better. Thus, your eyelashes appear more and more provided. For the pose, you can use a brush to apply the powder between two layers of mascara.

Number 4

False eyelashes? This can be simple, but requires a lot of precision, especially regarding the application of the glue. For your convenience, use a flat-nose plier. The tip of this accessory will allow you to spread glue on the base of your false eyelashes. You just have to wait until the glue dries to put your false eyelashes gently on your eyelashes. Draw a last line of liner on the base. So you will get a more natural look. To top it off, a layer of mascara is needed.

Tips for putting on your mouth

advice makeup

Number 5

Most girls complain about lipsticks that come off quickly. However, just take the right step to make your lipstick last as long as you want.

To do this, first, apply your lipstick. Then put a tissue on your mouth. Then, apply translucent powder with a brush over the handkerchief. You will see that the powder enhances the color of your lipstick. It also prevents the color from losing its intensity.

Make your own gloss

Number 6

You said that only professionals can make their gloss? Think again, because, with pigment and Vaseline or ointment, you will also have the opportunity to create your own. To do this, nothing simpler. Mix everything in the hollow of a spoon. Then, apply to your lips!

Number 7

For well-defined lips, you must emphasize your cupid’s bow by drawing a cross on your upper lip. To ensure a perfect design, use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick to draw a cross on your cupid’s bow. When your tracing is finished, apply your lipstick as usual. You will be irresistible for your man with this trick!

Makeup tips for the complexion

Number 8

Have you tried all the methods to hide your dark circles or dim your puffy eyes? If all that you have used has not given the effect you want to get, go for the foundation triangle.

This is to draw a triangle from the base of your eyes to under your cheekbone. Thus, you can hide all the redness uniformly. You will also have a brighter face as the clearest point is in front of you.

Number 9

To perfectly enhance your cheekbones, you need to know where to position your bronzer. To do this, put a pencil, a pen or the handle of your makeup brush underneath your cheekbone. Thus, you will easily identify the perfect angle. Then, apply bronzer over the pencil using an outline brush. Blend it off for a natural effect.

Number 10

Do you want to hear a revelation? Well, now know that you can facilitate your contouring with a dark eyebrow gel. After applying your foundation, use it to mark the areas you want to contour on.

Are you wondering why this choice? Indeed, the eyebrow gels are both more concentrated and more fluid. They are not likely to make dark spots on your face. In short, resume your application by placing a complexion illuminator on the cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

That’s it! You now have the tips to make your makeup successful. If you’re having trouble putting these tips into practice, check out youtube pros and tutorials.

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